As a population-based cancer registry, the Epidemiological Cancer Registry Lower Saxony (EKN) has been recording and evaluating the incidence of cancer since 2000. The EKN is an institution of the federal state of Lower Saxony and is under the supervision of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equal Opportunities. Due to data protection regulations, it consists of two working units that are separated from each other in terms of space, personnel and organization:

The EKN's Confidentiality Unit is located at the Public health agency of Lower Saxony (NLGA). It collects and processes tumor reports as well as data from the registration office and death certificates. These data are forwarded in pseudonymized form to the Registry Unit. The Confidentiality Unit is also responsible for

  • Questions regarding reports and the reporting procedures
  • Inquiries and requests for the use of epidemiological cancer registry data
  • Questions about regional cancer clusters

The Registration Unit of the EKN is located at OFFIS CARE GmbH in Oldenburg and works exclusively with pseudonymized reports. The central task is the collection, supplementation and condensation of information, the permanent storage of data and the preparation of systematic, scientifically based evaluations. Here you will also find:

  • Data on cancer incidence, regional evaluations
  • Annual reports and publications
  • Information on projects (German only)

The EKN works closely with the Clinical Cancer Registry of Lower Saxony.

Data is collected via a joint data collection point with an electronic web-based reporting portal.

The Clinical Cancer Registry Lower Saxony (KKN) has been collecting data on the diagnosis, treatment, and progression of cancers and benign brain tumors since July 2018. The aim is to improve the quality of oncological care. Further) can be found at

For state-specific evaluations of clinical cancer registry data, the Lower Saxony Clinical Evaluation Unit (KLast) was established by the federal state of Lower Saxony in February 2020. The KLast is located in Oldenburg at OFFIS CARE GmbH. Among other things, it is responsible for cooperation and data exchange with the Federal Joint Committee. More information can be found at

EKN, KKN and KLast jointly publish the results of their evaluations in the annual report ‘Krebs in Niedersachsen’ (German only).